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By Engineers, For Engineers
At MD Research we enable talented engineers and developers
to solve challenging technical problems in an enjoyable
and rewarding environment. We have a wide variety of work
for career growth and job security. We operate very
efficiently to provide you with outstanding compensation
and benefits. We are a company built by engineers for engineers.

Our name emphasizes our focus on research, discovery, and innovation. We bring innovative approaches to solving complex problems.

Long-Term Vision

Our leadership has a stewardship mentality and makes decisions that are good for our employees over the long haul. We are unique as most small companies seek to grow quickly, show large profit, and be acquired at a high valuation. This strategy is at odds with what is best for employees.

Impactful Projects

Our work offers interesting technical problems that address important mission requirements. You can leverage the skills you have while also learning new technologies. Our wide variety of work enables you to move to new projects to grow your skills and accelerate your career.

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Flexible Benefits

MD Research has a unique way of approaching compensation that provides unmatched value and flexibility. Our flexible benefits model allows you to select the benefits you want and receive the full cash value of the benefits you do not need.

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Hourly Pay

The company pays for each hour worked giving you the flexibility to work more to boost your pay or take time off without the risk of running out of leave. You'll never find yourself forced to take "use or lose" leave and you will never find yourself having to work to "get in your hours".

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2x Retirement Matching

Our 401k is managed by Guideline and comprises low-fee Vanguard funds. You can contribute from 0% up to the IRS limit ($20.5k for 2022). The company contributes 200% of your contribution up to the IRS combined limit ($61k for 2022). Our plan gives you the flexibility to make very small or very large contributions to your retirement.

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Health Insurance

Our group health insurance plan includes platinum, silver, and bronze options along with vision and dental choices. Our coverage includes you and your family with the company paying the full premium. Some companies require you to use after-tax dollars to pay part of the insurance premium. That approach misuses your money since the expense is tax deductible for the company, but not for the employee.

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Professional Development

The company pays for professional development including training, travel to conferences, and for hardware like laptops and cell phones. If you do not use all the funds allocated, you will receive them as a bonus. Your unused benefits do not become company profit.

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Your Success is Our Success

MD Research is a company where talented people do meaningful work, are treated fairly, and receive outstanding compensation and benefits. We welcome you to join our team to build amazing capabilities for our customers.

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